MyJDW is an intranet designed for Wetherspoon employees. If you’ve already registered for My JDW, you can log into the portal by providing employee credentials information. Through the portal, employees can able to gain a wide range of benefits such as payslips data, bonus schemes, holidays, pension schemes, promotional salary increments, and more.

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With the use of this myjdw online portal, you can keep track of your payroll information, working hours, schedules, discounts that you claim, etc. You can get to know each and every payslip information and will be allowed to view the working hours so that you can cross check your payments with what you have actually been paid.

Still, if you have any queries, you can contact to the store manager. Let’s say, if you have been paid less than your actual pay, you can log into your account through the official website and get to know what made you get paid less. The main motto of creating My JDW by Wetherspoon organization is to communicate with the employees effectively.


Myjdw Login

If you’re a current employee at Wetherspoon organization and registered for My JDW, you can easily log into your account by considering below step by step procedure which included:

  • Visit official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Enter login credentials information including “Enter personal email” and “on respective fields.
  • If you have confirmed that the entered details are valid, go to login button and get access to the employee benefits.
  • If in case of forgotten password, go to forgot password option and recover it by entering your email address.

Myjdw Registration

To get register for My JDW website, you will need following details: email address, your employee number, and date of birth. If you still difficulty to find the employee number, you can contact your store manager. Before logging into the account, remember that you need to confirm your email id. Click on sign up button on the My JDW web page and complete your registration process. After you have successfully registered and confirmed, you can log into the account.

About Wetherspoon

J D Wetherspoon is one of the leading UK’s top employers and it has been recognized as a Top Employer United Kingdom by the Top Employers Institute for 15 consecutive years. It is also committed to provide the equality of opportunities. It lets to create and promote a diverse and inclusive working environment and remove any direct or indirect discrimination or victimisation of employees, customers, job applicants, and contractors.

Training and Career Opportunities

The training courses provided by Wetherspoon are really helpful for employees to motivate and offer them with necessary skills to carry out the job consistently at high standards. The company is also offering apprenticeship and training programmes to its employees throughout their career. In addition to these, the apprenticeship programme is offering different qualifications such as level 2 hospitality team member, level 3 hospitality supervisor, and degree apprenticeship in business management.

Pay and Reward

J D Wetherspoon is offering fair and competitive rates of pay and benefits to the staff members that included a bonus scheme to all of the employees. The pay rates information can be found out on My JDW portal and offering for all employees as a minimum basic pay excluding bonus payments and other benefits. Along with the basic pay benefit, employees will get the bonus scheme, paid monthly to pub based staff and bi-yearly to head office staff. However, the average bonus payment at Wetherspoon company is an hourly paid employee 4.2% and for a pub manager is 13.7%.

The employees who having 18 months of service are eligible to gain the benefit of Share Incentive Plan and receive free shares in J D Wetherspoon Plc. giving the opportunity to benefit from the company’s future success. In addition to these, employees can also choose to purchase other shares in the company under Partnership Shares Scheme. All of the employees will able to receive a staff discount which may be used on and off duty across pubs and hotels. The organization doesn’t impose any management charges.

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Employee Engagement

All of the employees are fostered to participate in the business strategy including:

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  • Pub managers, store managers, and other pub employees are attending and contributing to weekly operations and meetings hosted by the chairman and company executive.
  • Directors and senior management are completing the visits to pubs and pub employees visiting to head office.
  • A weekly email from the chief executive to all employees.
  • Providing regular meetings with all employees at all levels in order to gain the feedback on aspects of the business and ideas for improvements.
  • An intranet solely for use by employees.
  • Directors and senior management are completed the regular visits to pub and pub employees visiting head office.
  • A tell tim suggestion can be applicable for employees.

Employees Well-Being

The company supports the well being of all employees who working at Wetherspoon that included a wide range of health issues. It seeks to make necessary adjustments which are required to help the employees to maintain employment and ensure that they are not harmed by their work.

At all times, the company is committed to support positive mental health in the workplace and assisting all of the employees. The main aim of the company is to foster positive mental health and well being in the workplace. It has also established a welfare committee which meets weekly to review any requests from employees for additional pastoral, financial, or occupational health support. It is offering a wide range of flexible working arrangements and hours to support the employees in various stages of their career and life.

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At Wetherspoon, all employees can get rewards for their hard work. Under benefits scheme, there are various kinds of advantages to associate, manager, pub manager, and head office.


The associates at Wetherspoon will get the benefits like competitive pay, free shares, 28 days’ holiday scheme, bonus scheme – earn up to 19% of your pay, and loyalty reward scheme.

  • Competitive pay

Associates who are having the age 21 or over will get hourly rate range from Euro 7.6 to 7.90. Whereas 18 to 20 years of age associates will receive the hourly rate range from 6.15 to 6.65 Euro depending on location and training. For 18 years age people, it is providing an hourly rate range from Euro 5.00 to 5.25.

  • Bonus Scheme

Through bonus scheme, employees will earn 19% of pay in bonuses according to pub profit, pub sales, and outcomes in mystery visits.

  • Free Shares

On behalf of fantastic share incentive plan, employees will be eligible to receive free shares after 18 months of service.

  • Loyalty Reward Scheme

With the loyalty reward scheme, employees will be able to get the benefit of paid holidays who have completed the continuous service of years.


  • Competitive Salaries

For shift managers, it is offering competitive salaries from Euro 21,420 to 22,985 after training. Kitchen managers allows to gain the competitive salaries from Euro 22,540 to 25,595.

  • Promotional Salary Increases
  • Free Shares
  • Bonus Scheme

You can earn up to 25% of basic pay in bonuses according to sales, pub profit, and outcomes of mystery visits.

  • Private Medical Insurance

After a qualifying period, private medical insurance has been provided for certain grades of manager.

  • Contributory pension scheme

Once you become the employee of J D Wetherspoon, you will be eligible to join the J D Wetherspoon Stakeholder Group Personal Pension plan. But, it will require a minimum personal contribution from you including a contribution from the company for certain grades.

  • Loyalty Reward Scheme

The company is providing paid leaves to all employees who have completed the continuous service under loyalty reward scheme. For 5 years of service 1 week paid holidays, 2 weeks paid holidays for 10 years of service, 4 weeks of paid holidays for 15 years of service, and 6 weeks of paid holidays for 20 years of service.

Pub Manager

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Bonus Scheme

With the implemented bonus scheme at Wetherspoon, you will get up to 50% of your basic in bonuses based on the company performance.

  • 30 days’ holiday

It allows to access 25 days’ holiday scheme per annum plus all statutory bank holidays.

  • Private medical insurance

The company is pleased to provide private medical insurance for all employees who have been worked at Wetherspoon.

  • Contributory pension scheme

At J D Wetherspoon organization, pub managers will be eligible to join in the stakeholder group personal pension plan.

  • Free Shares
  • Loyalty Reward scheme

Head Office

  • Competitive Salaries
  • 25 days’ holiday
  • Bonus Scheme

Head office employees will be eligible to earn up to 30% of your basic salary as bonuses which is depending on company performance.

  • Flexible Benefits

It has been included flexible benefits such as childcare vouchers, buying or selling holiday, discounted dental insurance, discounted travel insurance, critical illness cover, and more.

  • Private medical insurance
  • contributory pension scheme
  • free shares
  • loyalty reward scheme

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