MathsWatch is an online resource which providing access to various kinds of tools to help towards achieving your full potential at Mathematics. According to your school’s subscription, it will give access to one or more of the following benefits which subsumed KS3, GCSE, AS Level Pure Core, and Primary.

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By using MathsWatch vle, you will be allowed to access video tutorials which explain topics just like a teacher would at the board. You can independently practice the real exam style questions including KS3, GCSE, and Primary only. In addition to the providing of questions, MathsWatch helps to get instant feedback on your performance. As a student, you can accomplish the assignments set by your teacher with instant feedback provided to both you and your teacher.


Maths Watch is specifically providing extra tuition for students in GCSE Mathematics. Through this online software tool, students can cover all topics examined in the subject from grade 1 to grade 9. The mathematics teachers display the video clip numbers on a weekly basis that are relevant to the learning taking place.

Login MathsWatch

Whether you’re a student or teacher, MathsWatch Login allows to access the benefits offered. To log into MathsWatch, you can consider below steps as follows:

  • Firstly, you should visit official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Once you have logged into the web page, you need to enter login details given by your teacher including user name and password.
  • If your school has been opted for generic password for all its students, it strongly recommended to change it after your first login.
  • To create a new account, click on first name’s account log out on the top right corner of the web page.
  • Accordingly, enter your new chosen password and save. Please note that chosen password should be a minimum of 6 characters long. If in case of forgotten password, you can contact to your concerned teacher and reset it.

MathsWatch Features

Once you have successfully logged into MathsWatch account, you will be presented with your My Work section. Relevantly, it lets to view the list of tasks that are assigned to you by your teacher along with their due date. You will also get to view the scores of assignments that you have already completed. You will be reminded of any tasks still due by colour coded banners. Here, you can find two types of tasks assigned by your teacher that included Homeworks and Tests.

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MathsWatch Homeworks can be attempted as many times as you like until the due date. At the end of each attempt, your teacher will have access to your score. In order to help you in accomplishing the tasks, the video explaining topic will always be available underneath the questions provided.

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Maths Watch Tests are timed and the video covering the topic is not displayed and they get automatically submitted once the allocated time has run out.

Working Independently

MathsWatch videos section which gives access to lessons that covering your curriculum. It has included the lessons which included in two versions. A full explanation video and a one minute version ideal for quick revision.

It lets to get access to a bank of interactive questions which allowing to test your newly acquired skills with real exam-type questions. MathsWatch vle is offering an immediate feedback and the ability to even mark your working when needed. MathsWatch will get a realistic experience of what answering all types of exam questions is really like. In the final step, you will also have a PDF worksheet which has included full of practice questions.

Answering Multi-step Questions

Students will be often found out the hardest type of questions to tackle. Maths Watch vle allows to submit the each of working steps that informing you whether or not you are heading to the right section.

Keeping Track

My progress section at MathsWatch will help you to stay in control of your progress and achievements. By using various filtering options, you will be allowed to quickly identify your areas of strength and those in need of further development. By clicking on column headers, it helps to sort out the data in a convenient way. It can be used very effectively to remind yourself of which topics that you recently covered. Whether you want to improve your interactive questions score or just to refresh your memory, you can revisit the videos and questions from time to time.

For optimizing the time and efforts, the system will remind you of which questions that you have already attempted in the past.

Students will also having an option of how they want to search for video clips. It will allow to make a number of questions available for you. If known into the search box, students can type the exact video clip. If students are wanting to use Maths Watch vle for revision, they can enter their tier for topics which are relating to the specific topic. In alternative to this, students can search for video clips which are directly linked to the target grades or search via grade.

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If you have chosen the video clip to play, clips are usually between 2 to 8 minutes in length. The video clips will provide step by step process and give students an opportunity to pause the video clip. On the top of video clip, students can find out different options like one minute maths, interactive questions, and worksheet. One minute maths is a condensed video clip which is really a good alternative when revising topics for an exam.

Interactive questions is included with a mini test which is based on the clip that your student has viewed. For giving instant feedback, all types of questions are marked instantly. On worksheet, students can find out more GCSE Maths questions on the clip that you found here.

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