AccessMCD is an employee login portal for the employees who currently working at McDonald’s. It is a virtual learning portal where the registered employees can attend online classes to know about various topics that occur within the McDonald’s restaurant such as food preparation, customers handling, menu support and many more.

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With the use of AccessMCD learning portal, McDonald’s always keeps eye on their employees and able to track how many times do employees visiting the portal and how many classes they have attended. Moreover, the company appreciates the employee efforts and thus, pays an special attention towards the score employee receives from test and training for each course. The high scorer who shows great interest towards this online portal and attended maximum classes are short-listed to enter Hamburger University for a training program.

Apart from this, AccessMCD also offers the employees to track their work-related information whenever they want. It allows users to check their payrolls and work schedule in a real-time. Not only employees but an employer such as a store manager, finance manager and director could utilize this portal to maintain the employee schedule and their payslips continuously. It has replaced the paper payslip and greatly improved the functional ability of the organization. As no redundant wastage of time and much effort are driven out for listing employee’s work-related information.


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About McDonald’s

It is the fast food chain organisation especially well-known for presenting luscious pizza across the world. aside from serving meals in restaurants, the company is well-known for delivering pizza door-to-door earlier than cut-off date. It has branches positioned throughout 120 nations and serving an approx sixty-eight million clients every day. furthermore, the corporation serves a few different American comfort food together with fried chickens, french fries, hamburgers, and so on. There are more than 375,000 employees working under the McDonald’s company and thus, they have created a web portal called AccessMCD to manage their huge employee base online. Through this portal, restaurant managers from respective locations or countries can easily create their employee schedule and pay slips to aware their employees about their incoming benefits on regular basis.

Things required to login AccessMCD

  • The AccessMCD can be easily accessible on the browser of electronic devices such as PC, mobile or table.
  • A reliable internet connection is essential to open the browser and access the portal created by McDonald’s franchise.
  • An employee id or McDonald’s restaurant Login Id and password to unlock the portal.
  • A user must be an employee or employer of McDonald’s restaurant to get access to the AccessMCD portal.

Instructions to access AccessMCD employee portal

You need to consider the following steps to get entry to the AccessMCD employee portal:
  • First, you have to visit the official web address named as from your internet supporting devices such as mobile or PC.
  • It will take you to a login page of AccessMCD where you will be asked to enter your login credentials such as employee ID or password.
  • Enter your McDonald Restaurant employee id and password on the relevant space.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Once successfully logged in, you will be able to access the information related to your payroll checks and work schedule.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can tap the button named as “Forgot your password” and recover it quickly.
If you have any queries or need any personal assistance regarding AccessMCD login process, you can contact to customer support via phone call or mailing.

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