Digital Innovation Show is the blog created for the employees of various well established organizations (especially UK), guiding them on how to access the Payslips/Paystubs, ESS (Employee Self Service), manage work schedule, communicating with other employees, access employee benefits e.t.c., on respective portals.

Fortune 500 & Multinational companies employ vast crew working for the organization. In order to provide the payslips and maintain the communication between the employees most of companies has created their own online employee portal to manage various features as listed above.

Unfortunately not all the employees have the idea on these employee portals and their web addresses resulting in loss of ease of accessibility. For eg: Planning the day off, they might need to contact the HR and schedule it, with these employee portals they can electronically schedule without involvement in personal.

Features of these portals :

Employee Benefits : Most of these portals are incorporated with employee benefits through which they can view their employee benefits and access them. Enjoy all the travel benefits and Bonuses created

401K: Retirement plans are the other features that you may access on your organization employee portal. Access 401k plans and check your PF, Health Insurance and all other benefits.

Schedule Your Work: Scheduling your shifts is made easy with the employee self service website, you can insert start and end timings, plan the day off, Request the other employee in your place

Communicate with HR and other employees: If your organization includes the messaging protocol, you may contact the other employees and HR and exchange the messages

Webmail: Webmail is common feature employed in every other website, the important mails about the company or concerns about you from the higher departments will be available on the webmail.

Raise a Ticket/Issue/Complaint:  If you have any concerns about the work place in which you are being employed. Either with the location or about behavior of colleagues or team you may raise the ticket and expect the issue to be resolved

Listed Organisation Portals